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Hall History



North Baddesley Village Hall was established as a charity by a conveyance and Trust Deed dated 8th November 1946. 


Land, adjacent to the old Village Post Office on the south side of the A27, was given to the village by Miss Edith Chamberlayne, owner of Chamberlayne Estates and a Village Hall was built as a community project by villagers. The Hall was well used until 1991.


The Hall site was then exchanged for a new Village Hall to be built on Chamberlayne Estate land on the north side of the A27. 


Agreement was made between the Village Hall Trustees and Edith Chamberlayne’s niece, Mrs Penelope Chamberlayne-McDonald, who opened the New Village Hall in 1992.

The New Village Hall is an independent charity managed by its Trustees, regular hirers and volunteers.

The deeds for the new site are vested in the protection of the Custodian of the Charities Commission. In 1995, part of the building was leased to the British Red Cross.

Rosemary Williams

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