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About us


North Baddesley Village Hall is a multi-functional hall. Maintained by a management committee.

Several local charities and groups use the hall during the week and evenings.


Our village hall is a great venue for groups, clubs, dancing, parties, classes, and other gatherings.

The Hall Floor is 18.7metres Long and 8.6 meters wide.

The Hall ceiling height is 2.7 meters high at the edges and 5 meters in the center.


You and your guests can use our private car park during your booking.

Please ensure you hire the correct times as you must not enter the building before the start of your hire time and you must leave the Hall and surroundings clean and tidy with all furniture clean and correctly stacked at the end of your hire time.

Use of kitchen, tables, chairs, car park and garden during the hire is included at no extra charge.    

Bouncy Castles

Maximum size Width 4 meters, Height 3 meters including turrets etc.
(i) You must ensure that there is sufficient clearance to the ceiling so that no damage is caused. You will be liable for any such damage.
(ii) You must ensure that a responsible adult supervises the Bouncy Castle at all times.
(iii) You must ensure that only children of the same age are on the Castle at the same time.
(iv) Any injuries to any person whilst the Bouncy Castle is in use are your liability, not ours.

Classes and clubs hiring weekly in Hall

We are currently taking bookings within these times.

Monday 12:45 to 17:30

Tuesday 11:00 to 13:00

Wednesday 15:30 to 16:30

Thursday 09:00 to 13:30

Thursday 14:30 to 16:00

Friday 13:00 to 14:00

Friday 16:00 to 17:30

Monday to Friday 9am to 10pm

Hall £14 per hour (minimum hire 1 hour 15 Minutes)

Hall with Cowin Room £17 per hour (minimum 1 Hour 15 Minutes)

​​​Saturday to Sunday 9am to 10pm

£17 per hour (minimum hire 4 hours)

Party and one off event hires

9am to 8pm

£20 per hour (minimum charge £80)

Please check calendar for availability

Cowin Meetings Room without Hall

9am to 8pm

£10 per hour (minimum charge £40)

Please check calendar for availability

  1. The hire time must include your set up and clear down as you must not enter the building before the start of your hire time and you must return us the building "as found" at the end of your hire time ready for the next hire.

  2. Your booking request will be sent to us when you complete it.

  3. We will check your request and send you an invoice for your event with the full hire charge (regular hires are charged monthly in arrears).

  4. You must pay the invoice within 2 weeks or we may cancel your reservation.

  5. You must be at the the hall at the start and end of your hire time. You must not leave the building unattended during the hire. Our key holder can only unlock the hall if the hirer is at the hall at the start of the hire time.

  6. To minimize inconvenience to the vast majority of our users and our volunteers, we occasionally have to make additional charges. These can be avoided by keeping to your booking times and leaving the hall "as found" at the end of your booking. Early arrival or late departure minimum charge £50, building left other than as found minimum charge £50.

  7. If you need any help with the booking form email our booking team with your question.

  8. You must check the bookings calendar regularly to ensure your bookings are correct and give us at least 4 weeks’ notice of any cancellations or the full hire fee may be charged.

How to make a reservation

Use our bookings calendar by clicking on the yellow button near the bottom of this page and select Hall or Meetings room to check for availability. Please note that you must reserve the hall a minimum of 2 weeks before your event so that we can arrange for the hall to unlocked.

Use a computer if you can as a phone may not display the information conveniently.


When you find a day on our calendar with availability for the times you require click on the + symbol by the date you wish to book on the calendar then:

  1. Sign in or register

  2. Complete the online booking form.

  3. We will check your reservation and send you an invoice.

  4. When you have paid the invoice, we will within 7 days confirm the booking.

  5. email with any questions or to arrange a visit to view the hall.

  6. The person that has hired the hall must show us photo ID and proof of address before any guests, entertains or other helpers are allowed to enter the building.


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